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Simplify the management of your medical analysis laboratory

Work in a friendly, straight forward environment.

GestlabWhat is it?

A complete management solution for medical analysis laboratories.

Gestlab software offers a user-friendly interface for efficient tracking and management of samples, test results and administrative tasks. Thanks to its advanced features, our software simplifies traceability, improves operational efficiency and ensures seamless management of processes within your laboratory.

01. Intuitive ergonomics

Easy to learn, easy to install and automatic updates.

02. Customizable

Thanks to its wizards and built-in report generator, every company is unique.

03. Multi-users

Profile management with over 100 access rights for each user.

04. S.A.V

Guaranteed support (telephone and TeamViewer).

GestlabModules and Options 

Bar code management

Direct generation and printing of unique barcodes for each sample, ensuring seamless tracking throughout the analysis process, improving efficiency and accuracy of results.

Tests parameters

Comprehensive management of parameter categories and sub-parameters, with the option of predefining default results. In addition, it offers flexible parameterization of standards according to patient gender and age, ensuring accurate interpretation.


Complete customization of results reports, allowing you to modify the text format and colors according to your preferences, ensuring a professional presentation adapted to the specific needs of each laboratory.

Stock management

Monitor the availability of consumables and reagents in real time, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Third-party management

Receive analyses to be subcontracted for other laboratories, monitor dispatch/receipt of parameters subcontracted/to be subcontracted.


Easily retrieve the results of your operations from Gestlab thanks to PLC integration

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