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The complete solution for your pharmacy with AI

Say goodbye to barcode labeling and manual purchase entry with Pharmacium, artificial intelligence at your service.

Benefits &Strengths of Pharmacium

The complete ecosystem for optimal pharmacy management

A software package designed primarily for pharmacies, integrating several modules for better pharmacy management.

Pharmacium is the eco-system that will enable your pharmacy to manage its resources professionally, securely and simply.

Pharmacium is the result of 19 years' experience in management software development.

PharamciumSoftware solutions for pharmacists

Pharmacium is the most innovative pharmacy management software in Algeria, integrating artificial intelligence and CHIFA.

Pharmacium is designed specifically for dispensing pharmacists.

The cost of Pharmacium varies according to the modules you wish to integrate into your version. Get a free estimate by clicking on the “Request a quote” button.

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PharmaciumBest Pharmacy Software in Algeria with over 100 modules and options 

Vigneye AI

Sell your drugs simply with the label, without the need to print barcodes, and identify batches with our artificial intelligence.

Scaneye AI

Now all you have to do is take a photo or PDF of your purchase invoices, and the rest will be generated automatically, with no need for manual input.


Integrating the CHIFA card, Pharmacium enables you to quickly issue invoices with CHIFA.

Ventes en instance

Provide your customers with rapid assistance by supplying them with the medicines they need, then bill them at a later date.

Échange entre pharmaciens

A simple, effective tool for tracking exchanges between colleagues in accordance with management standards.

Ventes CVM

Manage your sales under a military convention with no worries: Pharmacium offers you full tracking and reporting.

Managing psychotropic drugs

Alert for sales of psychotropic drugs, sale only with prior authorization, seizure of prescriptions.

CHIFA slip management

Accurately and easily track CHIFA slips and their associated payments.


A unique and professional dashboard brings together all the indices of your pharmacy, saving you precious time.

Financial management

Ensure control of your financial transactions by supervising your bank accounts and managing your cash flow.​


Optimize your purchasing operations, track your inventory in real time, and ensure a smooth supply chain.​


Customize your input forms, grids, colors and fonts. Control input actions. With Pharmacium, your software is customizable.

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